Daily Diary Schedule, Summer 2017

Japan Daily Diary Schedule, Summer 2017

You will take turns posting a blog with visuals narrating two day’s activities on the main blog for the class. You decide on the length of your post and the method of presenting.  Think of your Daily Diary assignment as a reflective  travel-log that, collectively, will tell the story of the program.

You may use a VLOG style (video diary), a combination of writing and photos with music, or whatever fits your style and prospective. We are suggesting a minimum text posting of 350 words; however, if you choose to narrate your two days via video and audio, the 350-word minimum would not necessarily apply. If you do narrate your two days using video and audio, you will need to do a short write up post introducing/providing context to your Vlog post.

Be descriptive in your posts and remember to tie in your reflections of Tokyo (and Kyoto and Hiroshima) with the program’s themes and what you are learning on the ground.  Your task is to report on the happenings of the program in a way that showcases Japan, the program activities and the learning and insights being gained. Please carefully review and edit before posting.

Each blog post is due by the end of the NEXT day assigned, i.e. if your assigned days are Aug 28-29, you would post no later than the end of the day Aug 30 (by midnight).  

We have given each of you permission to post to the program blog (we have used your uw email): http://uwhonorsjapan2017.blogspot.com/

Daily Diary Schedule

Aug  26-27 first days: Allison Takahashi
Aug 28-29: Zoe Escalona
Aug 30-31:  Laura Gumz
Sept 1-2: Tobi Du
Sept  3-4: Alvin Luc
Sept 5-6: Mara Kage and Tianwei Zhu
Sept 7-8: Angela Sun
Sept  9 -10: Yu-Won Youn
Sept 11-12: Jacob Burke
Sept 13-14: Rhyan Cockrell
Sept  15-16 End of Program: Ann Evans

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